Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Little C Happenings: 18 months

Is this for real? One and a half. I guess so. Little C is 18 months.

Well, I haven't blogged about his monthly milestones in awhile so I guess it's time to catch you up! Also, introducing my new series "Little C Happenings" I also made a page for him!

Today is January 4th making to the actual day that Little C is 18 months.
He has big brown eyes and a head full of golden sometimes brown hair. He likes to smile and laugh. He loves all his toys, but his favorites are the ones he can ride in or push around. Besides his toys...he loves to play with the broom and the vacuum (not his mind you) He also loves mama's phone. sigh.

Little C has been jabbering for awhile now and I have a post coming up with all his first words and possibly a video!

Today I bring you Little C's first sentence I understood! {I say "I" because he says lots of things} His new favorite phrase is "Where did it go?" You can kind of make out the "where" then some gibberish then a totally clear "go" with a high pitched inflection at the end of his question. He does this with both hands up.
Totally cute, people.

We like to play head, shoulders, knees, and toes. He can point to his or mama's ears, nose, and eyes. We play this game daily. He doesn't walk so much as run. He loves to run in circles around our car in the driveway or our table in the dining room. He'll play hide and seek all night long.

weight- 35.0 lbs. 97%
 height- 33.25 inches 75%
 head circumference- 19.8 inches 97%


Barbara said...

What a cutie! I remember the first sentence I finally understood, I was so excited we could sort of communicate

Breanna said...

Aw he is precious :) So special to be able to post his milestones on your blog.. Can't wait until I have children, not anytime soon of course :)

Miranda said...

how adorable! Happy 18 months!!!

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