Monday, January 30, 2012

Revisiting my 101 in 1,001

It's been almost a year since I gave myself 1,001 days to complete 101 tasks. So, how have I done?

#5 completed 
#6 lose 25 pounds, on the day that I had to lose it I had only lost 21 pounds. So while I didn't complete this task I am so happy that I lost 21 pounds
#8 Drink only water for one week- even with giving up soda this new year I've yet to do this one. Maybe I'll start tomorrow, hmm.
#9,10,11, and 12 are all about running. So far I have ran two 5ks and have plans to do some more soon. I also want to start my half marathon training very soon!

That's all for now...I'll revisit the other categories later. So it looks like I need to run more and drink only water. Follow my journey on twitter starting tomorrow with these new goals! 


Miranda said...

i have one of these too...i have a few done but a lot i don't! congrats on the 21 lbs lost! good luck on the others!

Barbara said...

Still great progress!!

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