Thursday, February 2, 2012

first date continued

This a continuation of our first date story. Catch up here. I started this as part of the Valentine's Challenge on the best date ever.
Today I continue with the beginning of our story and throw in some teaser pics from our wedding. 

Hockey Husband {who back then was just Tall Economics Guy} and I had just met at the library we started talking and he asked me out for some coffee.
This was back in “Friends don’t let Friends drink at Starbucks” days*. 
You see, there was this cute, historic, cultural train station that was turned into a coffee shop and I loved it. They play foreign films, had comfy-mismatching furniture everywhere, musty hardcover books on shelves and the crème de la crème: Chess boards.

We arrived at the quaint coffee depot and I was already smitten with the charm and chivalry this guy was showing. His shyness was cute and his wit was addictive.
I had this weird feeling. I had only met this twenty-year-old Tall Economics Guy an hour ago but everything just flowed and felt right.

We sat down at a corner table with our coffees in hand, well just me turned out TEG doesn't drink coffee*.  We played a round of chess and sat there and talked for hours. Later, he dropped me off at my apartment minutes from campus and we didn't plan to see one another until Monday since TEG was going home for the weekend to work. (about an hour away). 

Until… a few minutes later he called. I had my phone in hand with the same thought in mind. We decided we weren’t ready for the night to be over. He picked me back up at my apartment and we went on a late night dinner.  {See, a double date}
We drove around and at 10 pm on a Thursday after going to two restaurants that were closed we found a Chili’s that was open. 
We sat, we talked, we ordered, we talked some more and I think we both knew it then- we had stumbled on to something special.

*One day I gave into “Corporate America” and for while I nursed a pretty expensive addiction to Starbucks. 
*You see I was president of the chess club in high school. Or so said the April Fool’s edition of our school newspaper one year.  Either way I liked the game.
*That has since changed you know, growing up and everything.

It’s not over yet. There’s a whole story of how we get to our wedding day.
Lots more dates.
A move and even a break up.


Sara S said...

Great posts (I read both!) and love the pictures!

Megan said...

Yay for sweet first dates! I lol-ed at the nicknames you had for your hubby. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

SimplyTatumAdelaid said...

Beautiful story, beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing!

C* said...

Your family is wonderfull :)

Casey said...

I'm pretty sure you never finished this story!! Come back to blogging - I wanna hear the deets!! :)

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