Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little C Happenings: 19 months

I was just thinking about my 18 month old when it occurred to me that he would be 19 months tomorrow.
{this happened last night, obviously}

A lot has happened in Little C's world this past month. His vocabulary is exploding.
I am so sorry, because I realize I haven't even done his first words/vocabulary post yet! eeks.

Just yesterday he said his friend's name, baby, sky, moon, no, and something else I can't recall!
But, as you can see he really is saying a lot of new words.

This month we went to Disneyland, woo!

We went for a hike.

Played with lots of friends.

Worked on some paintings and a Valentine's craft.

We've been going to the park every afternoon lately.

Little C likes to play basketball with the neighbors. I have a video of this!

Happy 9 months Little C!

{My apologies for the lack of awesome C pictures- they were downloading really slow!}

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SimplyTatumAdelaid said...

Ah so exciting!!! It's happening so fast, isn't it? We should do another park date :) let me know when you are free. He's such a stud!!

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