Friday, February 3, 2012

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Once Upon a Time
Who is the stranger? What does he know about the book!? Who will be next to find out their past and will the Evil Queen kill them?

One Tree Hill
The Final Season. Are you watching?
I'm so glad baby Davis was okay!
Oh, no what has happened to Nathan. And, why is he only in seven episodes this season?
Do we really need this new girl, ugh.


Ashley Canfield said...

Ahhh I watch both! I really wanna know who this new guy is on Once Upon A Time (not gonna lie I've been sad ever since they killed the sheriff... hello! he was the hottest guy on the show!).

And I am OTH obsessed! Everyone keeps speculating that Nathan dies this season and I REFUSE to believe that. They can not kill Nathan. I will be so sad.

Seni said...

I agrees. They cannot kill Nathan. I will be so disappointed.

Isn't the new girl dating Stephen Coletti (Chase) in real life?

Christine - Tutorial Addict lol said...

LOOOVE Once Upon a Time! I was SO sad when she killed the sheriff! I think the stranger is the guy who WROTE the book! Just the way he said something to Emma, I TOTALLY think he wrote it! Can't wait to see what the story is with Belle!

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