Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Valentine's Craft

Valentine’s Day Challenge

In honor of the upcoming holiday and because it's totally fun to get crafty Litte C and I broke out the paint! We headed outside {because hello paint and a toddler is messy} and got to work.

 I saw this cute little hand print and foot print craft floating around pinterest and thought it would be fun to re-create.

After I dipped Little C's feet and hands in the paint. I let him go to town with the paint brush and his canvas. The cement took some paint too as well as Little C's feet but for the most part stayed on the paper. It now hangs on our fridge.

I hope to do some more crafts this weekend before St. Vaelntine's Day makes its debut.

I'm linking up my craft as part of the Fabulous Valentine's Blogging Challenge, and some stunning crafter blogs! Looking for a cute craft click on any of the buttons below.

The finished project!

The Girl Creative


Kara said...

Such a cute idea! Lil' C is SO cute too!

Barbara said...

That came out great! My kids won't sit still long enough to accomplish this! ;)

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