Friday, April 27, 2012

Break for Spring

I miss blogging and thought since I don't see myself writing this anywhere else I better capture moments of Spring here. Also, I feel like I owe it to myself to blog since I won that spiffy design you see here. It would be a waste to not blog. So,

Our Spring began with a wonderful trip from my parents who came to visit. They took Little C to meet the Easter Bunny, had a fun Easter egg hunt, rode on a train, visited a zoo, and went for pony rides. It's always fun when Little C's Pappy and Nana visit. And, of course Little C got to be a little buckaroo with his Pappy.
That's Little C and his Pappy in their cowboy boots!

Easter week was an amazing week in our household. There were plenty of activities provided by our community and church. Little C's involvement was lots of egg hunts, first year dying eggs, and an Easter basket! This year Little C really got the hang of the basket and that there were goodies inside the eggs. 

Fun with family began early as we made our way to Grandma Loves-to-Cook's house for a decadent spread. I made my beloved overnight, homemade cinnamon rolls-sorry no pics! 
Our family
Some egg hunting fun with cousins

After brunch it was off to Grandpa Racecar's for a delicious Easter dinner.

And, a shot of the four generations...
Grandpa Racecars, Great Grandpa Twitchell, Little C, and Hockey Husband


Casey said...

So happy to see you back to blogging!! I hope you'll stick around! :)

Barbara said...

blogging has escaped me too. It's nice to see you back. I love your pictures!

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