Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Little C's first word(s) {besides mama & dada}

Little C's very first word that Hockey Husband and I jumped and down over and was truly audible was bye-bye and sounds like buh-bye. I almost died from his cuteness.

(I waited nearly eight months-drafted in October-to write this or procrastinated rather. I wanted to include a video, but having trouble finding it amongst all the others. Thus, publishing anyway without the video)

As I finally get around to publishing this for all of you. I thought it would be good to list out all of Little C's words.
Words at the end of 2011
bubbles- first said at Auntie Foodie's graduation in December

"oh gosh"
"where did it go"
"mama that"

Some new ones this year {2012}

Wordle: first words

new phrases
"ay yi yi" apparently I say this too often

*A long list didn't look too eye appealing so I created a wordle to feature more of Little C's vocabulary*
You can see that he pronounces circle as gurgkle and helicopter as gopter. He really likes that "g".

Friday, May 4, 2012

New Phone: Reveal

I'm back! So yesterday I shared that I got a new phone and a big choice was to be made. I'm here today to tell you which phone I chose.

{drumroll please}


Now for my thoughts, I'm really loving it and glad I went with it.

First, the quirks/downsides
-it's a little big which while a good thing actually makes it hard to hold in the palm
There's talk of making the next iphone bigger and some saying keeping it small to fit in the palm. It's nice to be able to hold your phone and scroll with your thumb.
- the power button is on the opposite side of my last droid (just something to get used to)

That's about it- I love everything else!

One of the things I loved most about the iphone was the facebook and twitter apps {far superior to my apps on my old droid}
The other, the iphone has waaaay more cases and such beautiful ones too!

In the end...
a nice surprise was that the updated apps on a new phone were the exact same as the iphone apps I came to love. So I get twitter, facebook, and intsragram in all the same forms as iphone. Yeah for me!

As for the cases, I decided to go with otterbox for it's durability so pretty designs didn't matter much.

What I love...
I'm a google user. I have three gmail accounts, I google talk, I use google docs, google + So I love the compatibility of droid with google. I love the google maps and the interface.

The big screen while it has it's downside it's awesome for video chatting and watching youtube. Both of which I've done.

The screen resolution, I was jealous of the iphone retina display and I don't know the specs but the bionic is pretty awesome and I'm not jealous anymore.

That's it!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time for a New Phone

The time has come for me to get a new phone. It's been time for awhile. I always use an older model and most recently the screen went completely black on my phone. After one whole week of no smartphone use-I needed to choose. You know like getting to the screen so you can use the apps or see missed calls, and oh I don't know get a text message. 

SO now for the big decision: what phone to get? To be completely honest I was kind of hoping I could wait until the iphone 5 is released.  But, I couldn't. So, a choice had to be made. Now, some might say there is no choice obviously picking their favorite operating system. Well, I narrowed it down to two possibilities: droid bionic and iphone. I did lots of research, asked for opinions, held both phones and compared. If only I would have seen this video before I ordered:

Want to know which phone I chose? Come back tomorrow for the reveal!

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