Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Little C's first word(s) {besides mama & dada}

Little C's very first word that Hockey Husband and I jumped and down over and was truly audible was bye-bye and sounds like buh-bye. I almost died from his cuteness.

(I waited nearly eight months-drafted in October-to write this or procrastinated rather. I wanted to include a video, but having trouble finding it amongst all the others. Thus, publishing anyway without the video)

As I finally get around to publishing this for all of you. I thought it would be good to list out all of Little C's words.
Words at the end of 2011
bubbles- first said at Auntie Foodie's graduation in December

"oh gosh"
"where did it go"
"mama that"

Some new ones this year {2012}

Wordle: first words

new phrases
"ay yi yi" apparently I say this too often

*A long list didn't look too eye appealing so I created a wordle to feature more of Little C's vocabulary*
You can see that he pronounces circle as gurgkle and helicopter as gopter. He really likes that "g".

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Patience said...

so cute! love it. I haven't heard some of those, but I'm sure I will this Friday!!

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