Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time for a New Phone

The time has come for me to get a new phone. It's been time for awhile. I always use an older model and most recently the screen went completely black on my phone. After one whole week of no smartphone use-I needed to choose. You know like getting to the screen so you can use the apps or see missed calls, and oh I don't know get a text message. 

SO now for the big decision: what phone to get? To be completely honest I was kind of hoping I could wait until the iphone 5 is released.  But, I couldn't. So, a choice had to be made. Now, some might say there is no choice obviously picking their favorite operating system. Well, I narrowed it down to two possibilities: droid bionic and iphone. I did lots of research, asked for opinions, held both phones and compared. If only I would have seen this video before I ordered:

Want to know which phone I chose? Come back tomorrow for the reveal!

1 comment:

Casey said...

So much suspense! Hoping u went for the iPhone! :)

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