Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Little C

Writing a letter to Little C...
something that is pretty popular among bloggers to their kiddos and I would guess pretty
popular in general among all parents. Today I found myself compelled to blog again, blog to Little C, for Little C.
*After reading this and seeing a theme thought it perfect for Sunday. You should catch Nurse SC's Grateful Sunday series.

Dear Little C,
I am grateful for every moment of every day with you. Tomorrow you'll be 23 months and then one short month until you turn two. I love when you help me with weekend pancakes. You're so independent and love how you help ladle the batter onto the griddle or how you like to pinch the salt to season our other creations. You're so loving and thoughtful and always have good intentions. Even in those moments where I realize the "terrible twos" is not just a saying I'm grateful I have you. In every crazy thing and in every loving moment you amaze me. My heart always skips a beat when you test your independence. I try to remain calm when you jump into the pool during swim lessons without a fear in the world. You really are fearless right now and it scares me, but I try not to show it. It's something I hope you never lose. Tomorrow, we'll talk about all your favorite things at 23 months.
Your Mama


Barbara said...

Such a beautiful letter! Happy 23 months!

Casey said...

I loved this post so much I included it in my bi-weekly series, Lots of Link Love! I'd love if you checked it out and shared it with your readers if you'd like!


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