Monday, December 3, 2012

101 in 1,001 update

Hey there!
I'm here to do a little update on my 101 on 1,001 list. It's always available at the top for easy reference. I'll admit I have been seriously slacking on blogging about what I do, but I have been doing okay when it comes to actually accomplishing these goals.

It's crazy to think that it has been over a year since I wrote that list. A lot of what is on there are still things I want to do in my life. And, I was surprised to see that I actually have been doing a few of them.

Let's start with the first section:
1. Read 50 books (5/50)
2. Give a 100% tip
3. Do an anonymous favor
4. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day Done this a few times, but want to document with pics
5. Go jogging 3x per week for 3 weeks (completed April 2011)
6. Lose 25 pounds by day 275 (01/14/12) I lost 21 pounds by that date, and 25 pounds eventually
7. Keep off lost weight until baby #2, Sure did! Quickly coming back now that I'm 24 weeks along
8. Drink water as my only beverage for 1 week 
9. Run in 4 5ks I have ran three so far with another planned for May 2013
10. Run a 10k
11. Run a half marathon
12. Participate in a trail run
13. Take a yoga class
14. Write a great review and send letter and flowers for positive customer service experience  I have wanted to do this sooo many times! Which is why I have it on my list of things to do- because I don't do it often enough when it's needed. 

A few of these in this section I haven't attempted, but still plenty of time! Looking forward to the 100% tip and anonymous favor. 

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Casey said...

So super awesome that you're blogging again! :)

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