Friday, December 7, 2012

DIY Keepsake Ornament

For Little C's first Christmas I made the cutest little ornament. I'm sure you've seen a variety of them, it was his hand print. It's already the most treasured ornament hanging on my tree two years later. I cannot believe how much his little hand has grown!

I wrote his name and the year in a fine point sharpie added a red grosgrain ribbon and it became a keepsake. I actually made about three that year and gave them to grandparents also.

I know the salt-dough recipe is going around, but I used Sculpey clay. With a 40% off coupon at Michael's you've got a pretty good deal.

I took the clay and rolled into a ball. Smushed and flattened it down real good! Then took Little C's itty bitty 6 month old hand two years ago and imprinted in onto the clay. Baked in the oven per the directions on the package for a great DIY heartfelt ornament and gift!

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