Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Headaches and Heartburn

This is week 25 of my pregnancy! I loving it. I love my pregnancy belly and the fact that we are getting a little closer to meeting this baby. What I'm not loving so much are my constant heartburn and headaches.

I didn't even know headaches were a thing in pregnancy until I went to google one night and found out it's pretty common. This pregnancy has definitely been different than the first. It started with nausea and once that subsided I had heartburn to keep me company.

Little C was born with lots of hair and the old wives tale goes that heartburn leads to hair. I only know this because everyone would ask me if I had a lots of heartburn during pregnancy and I didn't at all. Pretty nice, but the heartburn really isn't that bad. Tums are my friend, I sip lots of water through the day, and try not to eat close to when I sleep.

The headaches on the hand...not much I can do about them. The headaches really are not that bad, I'm just not used to ever having headaches.

Only 15 weeks to go and still Team Green. 
Still excited about that but super curious as to whether I'm having another boy or girl this time!

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Casey said...

MAYBE since you're having different symptoms this time, it's a little girlie girl! :)

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