Monday, January 14, 2013

Home Anniversary

This week of this month marks our two year anniversary of buying our first home. It is such an exciting event in anyone's life when you make that move forward and plant those roots. In January of 2011 Hockey Husband and I said yes or rather a home finally said yes to us. You can read about our home buying journey and acquiring a short sale here.

Here I am in front of our new home holding Little C in his carseat right after our realtor gave me the keys! A great day indeed. I am also happy to report for the first time since we bought our house it looks like things are on the up in the OC realty market.

You can take it from my very unofficial opinion that I think the market is getting better. Which is great news, because even though we don't have plans of going anywhere any time soon it was a little depressing see our home drop in value after buying. But, my unofficial opinion and powers of observation have noticed two new apartment communities be built within 5 miles of me and several housing lots going up within 20 miles. That has to be a good sign!

What about your area? Have you noticed signs of development? Also, are you in your forever home? I would love to hear your story or see pictures of your dream home! 


Casey said...

I remember coming to see your new home on our way to Vegas for Tom & Jan's anniversary weekend! We were both so excited for you!!

Things are DEFINITELY improving!! There are units similar to ours going for $50k more than we bought ours (we put in our offer almost a year ago last March). So that's a good sign! We are definitely not in our forever home, hoping to get to move to that in about 4-5 years.

Liz @ Beyond Blonde Blog said...

We bought our home in April of 2011 and then refinanced our mortgage later that year and our home was appraised at $10K more than we paid, so we were very happy and I agree that home values seem to be on the rise :)

Barbara said...

Happy home anniversary. I remember how exciting it was when we got the keys. I don't really keep up with the real estate market in our area, but I do know that we bought our house when it was already very low so hopefully it can only go up!

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