Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How do you say no?

This post is for all those moms out there or teachers, aunts, and anyone who works with kids!

How do you say "No!" without actually saying no? Amber from Momma in Bloom wrote this post last week about some alternatives to saying no.

And, I came across this post. It all got me thinking about saying no and how I discipline Little C. I talked about his mischievousness and as cute as it is the kid needs some boundaries. {Don't we all?}

Saying "No!" to often reminds me of the book  have you heard of it?
I remember it from when I was teaching. It's about a boy who hears "no" in about everything he does. Recently with Little C we picked this book up at the library. It has been a favorite in the house so far. Little C asks me to read it to him- which is huge. And, every single page is a depiction of something going down in
our house. So nice to know we are not alone.

What do you think? Do you find yourself saying "no" far to often? Any tips on how to avoid saying it or do you think that kids should hear "no"?

Awhile back with Little C,   some teacher training came into play and I used alternatives to saying "no" by giving an example of what I want him to do. Starts banging train tracks on wall? I say, "we build with your train tracks, let's build together" That's one example of how I replace "No!" I might also say, "Please sit on your bottom"

This is obviously a work in progress. A daily minute-by-minute struggle to prevent myself from always saying no. I really try to be more positive, easier said than done.


Clare C. Whitaker said...

LOVED that book. I had three younger brothers and that was a popular read in our house :) Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

Twirling Clare

wide open spaces said...

I think every parent struggles with this. We all just have to do our best and do what fits right into our lifestyle. Hope you have a great week! XO
Brooke wideospaces.blogspot.com

Amber Cease said...

I have never heard of that book, but I am so glad that you shared this because we are supposed to FINALLY have some nice weather tomorrow (supposed to get into the 60s), so I was already planning a walk downtown with the kiddos... may have to stop at the town library and check to see if they have this! ;)

Barbara said...

I became painfully aware last year of how often I was saying no and how my then two year old was reacting towards me. I've had to find some creative ways of still saying 'no' without being discouraging. It's a tough balance.

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