Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little C Skis!

For New Years day while still on vacation, Little C and I ventured up the mountain for his first ever lesson in skiing. I got in me somehow that this two year old needed to ski now

We jumped on the shuttle bus at the base of the mountain and we were off for some snow fun. 
 Outdoorsy  Sister works up on the mountain {how fitting is that?} so she was able to grab a few shots of us that first day. 
Little C got fitted for skis and held up like a champ. It's so hard with a little one who can't tell you how well the boots are fitting. 
That first day, we just skied around the village. Little C got used to being on the skis. Finally, we were ready to try out the bunny hill. We did one run down to give him a taste and ended it on a good note. 
The magic carpet bunny hill
Resting on his skis
But, our skiing wasn't done there! Two days later we headed back up for more. This time, Little C was talking about skiing the whole bus ride. Yea! I was excited to see he was so excited! Outdoorsy Auntie was able to come with and take lots of picture and video this time.
Little C wanted to carry his own skis- not going to stop that!
Outdoorsy Auntie: "Excited to ski?"
Little C: "So excited!"

I may have mentioned Little C's obsession with trains before... well I used that to my advantage during his lesson. Usually the terminology used is "French fries" and "pizza". "French fries" mean to keep the skis parallel and "pizza" is to put the tips together to slow down.
For Little C's lesson I used "train tracks" and "triangle". The kid loves his shapes and totally gets triangle especially over making your skis into food. He also thinks every set of parallel lines are train tracks so I went with it. 

He was great at the "train tracks" part, not so much the "triangle". We headed straight to the bunny hill this time. The training part for new learners is not very long and perfect for first timers. We did about five runs in a row before taking a break to get out of the cold. It was snowing flurries on us and windy too! Little C was a total trooper and wanted to go fast every time.
Hot Cocoa face
Back out on the hill for a few more runs and we were able to do a couple more going way too fast for this mama. I really started to drill in the "triangle" part of our lesson around now. Little C had the parallel part down and really got the hang of speeding up.
I had a blast taking him skiing and cannot wait until we get out there again. Oh, and I was walking/running along side of him since I didn't feel comfortable on skis and pregnant.
{just in case you wondering}


Barbara said...

How cute. My three year old is taking lessons now, it is awesome how quickly they pick it up isn't it?

Alison said...

That's awesome! I have no idea how to ski, but I hope to maybe take my kids out when we get there :) He looks very cute out there!

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