Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Grocery Budget

Over the radio waves saving money was announced as the third overall resolution made by everyone. I'm guessing after losing weight and who knows what else. I'm pretty sure it was a commercial for some insurance company. But, that is besides the point.
I thought to myself, well I guess I wasn't above the whole resolution thing this year. I went into 2013 not making any goals. I thought this would be my "resolution free" year.

Lose weight? Hmm, not for me I was starting the year with plans to pack it on! Hello, third trimester.

Work out more? Yea, not any more than usual. With plans to only grow bigger then be fatigued by a newborn I wasn't setting myself up for anything with that.

But, save money. You got me. Hockey Husband and I went into December looking at our budget and how we can really start cutting back and saving more. We decided that we wanted to save x amount of money in 2013.

We started with our grocery budget which really is an all encompassing food budget- eating out, eating in, small things, big things- you name it.
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I am so happy to say to myself that with one week left in this month we are coming in way under budget. We tried the Dave Ramsey cash envelope system and I love it. All the basics you've probably heard of make this happen. Eating at home is huge. Meal planning is a must. This allows me to go to the grocery store with a detailed list and coupons if applicable. I shop the deals at local stores and plan meals around what is on sale.

We started January with a pretty stocked pantry, so we will see how February goes. We've also enjoyed some great meals, it's not like we have to suffice on top ramen. For example, Bon Appetit featured pork chops*, yummy fried chicken, bbq chicken, grilled rib-eyes {purchased on sale!}, baked macaroni and cheese, and breaded pork chops! I but lots of protein in bulk then prepare it different ways.

*When I got my January Bon Appetit with the pork chop on the cover I had to make/eat it!

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Noel Marie said...

Good for you setting a budget, and being able to stick with it. It's an important step when you're just about to welcome a new baby (and one I failed to take last year when we welcomed ours...and by summer I was all like "umm, where's our cash flow?"...still, to this day, it's a dreaded task for me to adhere to a budget. But we manage to somehow still plop money in savings each month so I guess it's not all bad!

Yay for the third trimester! I walked 3-4 miles nearly every day in mine and never so much as got a contraction on my own! What the heck!!

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