Friday, January 25, 2013

What a week!

One year ago around this time in January I revealed my new blog design that you see today. I loved it then and I still love it now. Thanks again to Munchkin Land Designs. Soon, I will be looking to update the header. I'll want to incorporate the new baby when he or she arrives.

Earlier this week I shared my pregnancy update. Won't be long until we meet the newest member of our family. I also got pretty personal when I shared some details about Little C's birth and my thoughts on a Cesarean. I also took a moment to lighten up the seriousness with my attempt at a "fashion post" showing some of my polyvore talents and my Valentine nails.

I didn't put those nails or outfits to waste. This week Little C enjoyed our time together with some fun neighborhood play dates, library story times, and winter art projects. I love the opportunity to stay home with Little C and this extra time to bond before he meets his new sibling. We've been selecting some big brother books at the library. I'm getting a tad nervous about the transition.


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Falen @ Upward Not Inward said...

I think your layout is adorable. Stopping by from Friday Chaos. Glad I did. New follower. Gonna have to read through some old posts and catch up on the new baby! Congrats!!! Praying for a speedy recovery afterwards and a healthy lil' angel!!


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