Monday, February 4, 2013

9 Years Ago

In the spirit of February hearts and love and other mushy stuff. I want to share more of our story.
Today is one month away from the day when I met Hockey Husband.

9 years ago today I had no idea how much my life would be changing in just one month.

I left off our story about a year ago with the story of our first date and how we met.
This is a story I say and write and re-write dozens of times over and over in my head. I edit and try to figure out where to begin.
I want to dedicate every Monday from now until March 4th to my love.
I want to talk about the time before he became Hockey Husband.
Back to the time when I called him Tall Economics Guy. {which can totally still fit}

From our first date up to our 6 months of dating anniversary was a complete whirlwind in the best way.
Everyone commented on how fast our relationship was moving.
I was 19, he was 20. We were in love. But, even we had no idea at what level.

Pictures, oh pictures. There are not a lot of those from the beginning of our relationship. We were awful at taking pictures! We used to joke all the time about taking a "mental picture". Well, I haven't been able to find that file as of late. So...I turned to "our box".  A box of everything from the beginning of our relationship. Everything I swore I would turn into a scrapbook one day.
Still, no scrapbook but the box- it lives on.
A time capsule to nine years ago full of ticket stubs, receipts, photo booth print outs, and so many memories.

In the first month of dating we went to movies, dinners, a concert, comedy shows, and so much more.
My card from Cameron {Hockey Husband or TEG} on that one month anniversary read, "...hopefully it'll be the first of many to come".
And, well it was and continues to be. 107 months to be exact.
One hundred seven wonderful months I have had to share with my soul mate and best friend.

We went for a hike to waterfall with friends in those first few weeks.
We went and saw The Notebook, Kill Bill 2, and Troy in theaters among others. The first one is not a movie I could get my husband to go see now. Just one of the little differences between that cute guy my boyfriend Tall Economics Guy and the man I am married to today, Hockey Husband.

There was the group camping trip out on Catalina Island.
A Perfect Circle concert at the Long Beach Aquarium.
Comedy shows at the Improv.
Random night outings to Best Buy or the local Food For Less.
Miniature Golfing and a trip to Disneyland.
Meeting Hockey Husband's family for the first time after they wanted to meet the girl he talked about so much and was taking up lots of his time. :)
My first visit to meet his parents:

Then I met his whole family at his 21st birthday celebration in August. Before he went off to Vegas without my 19 year old self. I was given a shirt to wear with a baby picture of him on it. Bummer I have none of those pictures to share! ;-)
I may or may not have worn said shirt to bed for the next three or four years.

Next week, I'll share our trips to Laughlin and San Fransisco {all right around that six month mark}


Casey said...

It's fun to look back at all the things you've saved - I've got a couple boxes full of movie tickets, soccer game handouts, and love notes/cards in my closet too! I'm looking forward to reading more on Mondays this month :)

Ginny said...

So fun, thanks for sharing this :)

Shelley said...

I was 19 when I started dating my husband too!

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