Monday, February 18, 2013

The next chapter

{This is a continuance of our love story}
to catch up...
Blind Date parts I & II
Fast forwarding two years of dating bliss. Tall Economics Guy and I had celebrated our two year anniversary and it felt like we had been dating forever. Every moment was ours. We had our squabbles but every conversation and argument led us closer to one another. Tall Economics Guy had graduated a year earlier and I was finishing up a summer school class to make me an official graduate.
 We were enjoying a summer like any other when something would change. Nothing big, the subtlest of changes.  
My family was selling our home and moving half way across the country. My parents had come back from vacation and helping a friend move with the keys to a new house in a new state. At the time it was a lot to process.
I was finishing college so I could move also.
I had a job that didn’t relate to teaching, but could easily become a career.

I can’t even remember all the fuzzy details of how I must have told Tall Economics Guy about what had come to pass. Even though in my head I had imagined marrying this guy and we joked about our future kids’ names we were not ready to get married at that point. 

I had a choice to make which I took as a choice for us to make.
Do I move and be with my family? My parents, grandfather, and three sisters were all moving away.
I of course had friends in the area, but if I was going to stay I would move closer to the boyfriend (TEG) who was an hour away from my friends.
This was also right after graduation so a lot of my friends were all going their separate ways and moving back to their home towns.
Soon it became a lot of change to process.
Then, my family moved.
I stayed.
I cried almost every night.
I was living in our house until it finished selling. I never imagined living far from my family. And, as you probably have guessed from my hinting before you know what comes next.
I made another choice. I wanted to be with my family and TEG and I had a mutual break-up.
My move was planned for October. I’ll never forget the discussion we had about ending it right there or enjoying the next two weeks with one another.
So awkward. 
Another thing I will never forget was one of our “last dates” we went to comedy show and dinner and sat across from a married couple. They commented how great we were together and asked if we were newly engaged. We had a good sense of humor about everything and commented back we were newly broken up.

Then the move came. It was of course sad and involved lots of hugs, some tears, and no promises.
We agreed we were broken up. 
And then, we talked all the time. More than we ever had before. Tall Economics Guy who became the boyfriend turned into my best friend.
It was a different relationship.
If you remember we met on a blind date so we were never really friends before.
 I was miserable and felt like I wasn’t giving this new life a chance.

But, I got a job working at a preschool, met new people, and got my new license.  Two weeks into my move I thought about how I could be with this man again.
Three weeks in we were officially back together, agreed to keep all old anniversaries in place, and to be a long term relationship until a move made sense.
I decided to move back to where he was living and the state I grew up in, but I needed to save money, and get into graduate school near him.
I started the process and we visited each other and eventually reunited.

One year later we would be engaged! 
I know this post became about a mile long! Thank you for reading. I'm sharing these ramblings over at Mrs. to Mama where you can just write, lowercase letters, and Life of Meg

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