Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dressing the Bump

I have had a lot of fun wearing some maternity items these past few months. But, it's almost time for me to say goodbye to my maternity clothes. Especially some of my most favorite and comfortable shirts. For the full update in pregnancy read along here

With my first pregnancy I was completely against purchasing shirts I couldn't use later for nursing. It seemed like a waste. And, maybe it was this time around, but I loved wearing fitted shirts that were not meant for nursing. 

Hockey Husband affectionately told me it looked like I was wearing a picnic table cloth with shirt. 
Hmm, maybe he was right. But it was great nursing top!

Between pregnancies I am really proud that I met one of my Health goals from my 101 in 1001. Which meant that the tops I did have from pregnancy number one were really to big this go around.
Another pregnancy shot from baby #1. This shirt was also a nursing top and very large. Which was great to accommodate my 10 pound baby belly, but I swim in now. 

This time around I learned to love fitted maternity tops that will not be suitable for nursing. That is just fine by me. I wore all these tops more than enough! 
Motherhood Maternity were by far my absolute favorite tops. They were incredibly soft and stretchy. Lasting the entire pregnancy thus far. I have the same shirt in a few colors. 

 Another addiction of mine? These colored skinnies. I probably wouldn't be caught dead in these if I wasn't pregnant, but there is something about being pregnant that makes me take risks with what I will wear. These dark teal skinnies are so soft-I adore them!

My other favorite thing to do this time around? Waist belts for sure. Creating a belt line right at the empire waist helped me to define "the bump". Here, I'm wearing an old {non-maternity} Loft dress paired with a sweater and blazer. I like both looks and added leggings because of rain, but also because the dress felt a little short with a big bump!

What do you think? How do you or would style the bump?
Do you think maternity clothing is a waste of money when you wear it for a short amount of time?
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Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

Cute outfits! love the teal and black.

Barbara said...

You look adorable. Other than a pair of good jeans, I hardly bought/wore any maternity clothes throughout either pregnancies.

Casey said...

I knew you looked smaller than last time, but you really do look amazing for being so far along!! Also, I may need to borrow those freaking adorable skinnies when the time comes for me!! ;)

Kate Parks said...

SO cute! Love love LOVE the pink dress!!! Fashion is so hard when you're pregnant, you're doing it well!

Unknown said...

Loving all your looks the second time around! I am 17 weeks along with my second and I too am focusing more on fitted tops and belts. I love your colored skinnies. Where do you find them? ~Sarah of Sarah Hulbert Style

Megan said...

you look so cute!! you pull of pregnancy beautifully :)

Rachel said...

I think colored skinnies look great on everyone! They aren't too risky! And your maternity outfits are cute! My Mom always had the idea that she didn't want to waste any money on maternity clothes....of course, she did have seven kids so I think it would have been worth the investment.... :P
If you were only going to have one, I say it would be easy enough to try to get buy, but if you're going to have several children, might as well get some clothes you enjoy wearing!

DC in STYLE said...

Love these maternity looks-your baby bump is super adorable!!!
By the way, I'm hosting a link up party and would be glad if you decided to participate!

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