Friday, March 22, 2013

Guest Blogger: Amber from Momma in Bloom

I'm wrapping up my week of guest bloggers with Amber! She dishes on the changes of having two kids. Something I've been learning a lot about this week. 

Hey, guys! I'm Amber, or the Momma In Bloom. I'm a former Registered Nurse, turned wife (of a slight workaholic) and SAHM of two. Most days you'll find me with a "venti" iced coffee in hand and two non-detachable toddlers, accompanied by many hormonal tears (on my part). I'm growing in my role as a momma, while trying to stay true to myself... and I share it all over on my blog. So, feel free to stop by sometime! :) I was thrilled when Shellsea invited me over into her space, while on temporary maternity leave from her blog. Today, I'll be sharing my
expertiseexperiences as a momma of two, since Shellsea is, or will very soon, be a newly minted momma of two herself. I've shared thoughts on my own blog before, regarding the perfect age-difference between siblings... which mostly equated to me contemplating whether such even really existed, before finally coming to the conclusion that just about the time you think it's PERFECT, they prove you wrong. ;) I think being a mother of more than one child is not only adjustment, but sometimes a difficult one at that. Other mommas (who have 3 or more kids) have told me that the transition from one child to two children, is the most difficult. I wouldn't personally know, as I only have two myself. Either way, I think the whole experience is what you make of it. Sure there is going to be double the joy, laughter, and smiles... BUT with it also comes feelings of guilt, worry, and being overwhelmed with juggling the needs of two little ones. I felt guilty when NK (my daughter) was first-born and required so much of my attention. I worried about her big brother, LW... will he feel left out? neglected? forgotten? Jealously existed. LW had just turned two shortly after his sister was born. He was at that stage where he had feelings, but wasn't quite sure what to make of them or how to express them to us (Mommy and Daddy). He'd do what most any toddler would do when he felt a lack of attention or jealous towards his little sister... throw a temper tantrum. It was a learning curve for all of us. Remembering to ask if he was hungry or thirsty BEFORE getting tied-up in a nursing session. Keeping books on hand that he could "read" to baby sister and I during nursing sessions, so he felt included. Letting some of the household chores go during the baby's naps and dedicating that time instead to one-on-one playtime with LW. One of the most recent things LW and I have started doing is Mommy-Son Dates. I find a babysitter for little sister, then him and I spend the morning or afternoon doing something fun... just the two of us. However, the most helpful advice I can offer to newly-minted mommas of two (or three, or four... or more) is to accept the help that others offer... whether it's a meal, help doing laundry one afternoon, or babysitting one of the kiddos... it helps give you the opportunity to spend quality-time with both children and negate those feelings of jealously or rivalry in the siblings (AND guilt and worry on your behalf), especially until you are past that brand-stinkin' newborn stage and can develop more of a routine! LW-and-NK((See, because moments like these make it totally worth it!)) What have YOUR experiences been in the adjustment from one to two or more children? Please feel free to share in a lovely comment below! Good Luck, Shellsea and family! Positive vibes for a happy, healthy momma & baby! Can't wait to hear of the big news! :)

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