Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Engagement

This is our engagement story.
Every couple has one and in each way they are special to that couple. I adore our story. It's so us.
It's funny, personal, and romantic. This story is the next step in our love story
Our story chronicles our first blind date to our wedding day. 
Nine years ago I met a boy who became a man who changed my life. I love you babe. 
July 2008

It had been almost one year exactly after I moved to Orange County to start my life there. I was all set to enroll in a Teaching Preparation program where I would receive my Multiple Subjects Credential.
I finished in May 2008. Tall Economics Boyfriend and I were still dating at this point. But, that was okay. I didn't move back with an ultimatum in mind. I moved back because I loved this person and wanted to be close to him. I honestly never saw an engagement coming. He had other things in mind. 
Two months later we were going to visit my family for the Fourth of July.
My favorite holiday. 
I love the water, parades, bbq's and fireworks!

And, TEB well he knew this was my all time favorite holiday. He also knew I would plan some sort of hike for us to take. Making the engagement that much more of a surprise to me. 
Here we are just hanging out on the beach before we set off for a hike.
I love my handsome man! 

Later, we were all packed and ready for our hike up a steep hill for some beautiful lake views. 
A hike we would turn into an annual tradition. 

The hike was going good, we were laughing and I was chomping on trail mix. 
{Chomping was TEBs words not mine}

We were enjoying the beautiful view when TEB asked me to put down the trail mix and enjoy the view. 
My reply: I can do both. haha so silly looking back now. 
TEB: Please.
Me: Okay, okay. {Drank some water to wash down the rest of peanuts and chocolate chips.}

After I put everything away in the backpack I turned around to find my future husband down on one knee. The sweetest feeling someone can ever experience. 

Then, you know, he said all the mushy stuff. 
I teared up. 

Immense happiness. 

Celebrating with family after sharing the good news.

Little did I know two years later exactly we would be having our first child. In a just a few days another. 


Casey said...

I knew you guys got engaged on a hike, but I never knew it was in Idaho! How special for you to get to tell your family in person! Also - Hockey Hubs looks SO young in that photo of him at the beach!

Shelley said...

That is just such a sweet story!!

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