Saturday, March 16, 2013

What's in a name?

Do you ever think about how you got your name?
If you ever chosen a name for a baby or did you do it.
Do you peruse tons and tons of baby books?
Do you just look at your new puppy or baby and know, just know what their name is?

Me? I love picking out names. I have first and middle name combination names for days.

And, today?
I'm going to reveal the names picked for our new baby.

Growing up with a name like Shellsea I came to love it.
It became my identity.
It was slightly different but not completely out there.
I was asked quite a few times if my parents were hippies. Was I a flower child? People would ask.

I was proud of my name growing up. People would try to call me Chelsea. I would correct them. Try to nickname me Shelly. I would correct them.
{Nicknames a whole different topic.}

I hope my children come to love their names. I hope they are proud of their names.
Hockey Husband and I chose our names for future children years ago.
At the time the names were not that popular but, not completely
 obscure either. Now? Those same names are pretty popular!
But, that is okay I am in love with them. 

Curious, yet?
Our names

Ethan Charles 

Penelope Grace

You might be wondering then why has the baby been called "Baby E"?
{no, I haven't been holding out on you}
here's the long story...
In the event that we have a girl, we chose a nickname for Penelope eons ago.
We both fell in love with the name.
I liked it long, Hockey Husband wanted a nickname claiming no child should have a four syllable name. Psshaw. 

With neither of us being in love with "Penny" as much as "Penelope" we started brainstorming alternatives. 
Lope, Nellie, Pen were all suggested by family. 

Then one day, we saw PenELope. And, we loved Little El. I like "ie" endings so Ellie was born.
But, I still love Penelope in full. 
If it's a boy,
Ethan... he'll be our little E boy! 
Ethan and Colin- I love those brother names! 
The excitement to put a name and identity with this little baby I have been dreaming of for months is beyond measure.

Come back Monday for the big name and gender reveal! 
Casey from Stress Case will be here guest posting on Monday. 
Don't miss it!

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Shana Scott said...

I LOVE the name Penelope! I always have! It sounds so elegant but you can still imagine her as an adventurer! We had a LOT of debate about our second boys name....but as long as you're happy with it and encourage your child to adapt it as a part of their identity then nothing anyone says will bother them!

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