Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arrivederci April

I just gave my March recap about two weeks ago and April comes with a swoop. Time really is flying by. 
In April...
The month started off with Hockey Husband taking a week off to help with the transition to two kids after Outdoorsy Sister/Auntie had to get back to her life!
We celebrated birthdays for Cousin Ballerina who turned five and from a distance said happy birthday to Rancher Dad!

Little C did lots of fun things with Daddy while mommy stayed home to relax with Little P. Disneyland, Marina, Picnic in the Park and so on! Little C hit 33 months meaning the big 3 is only three months away!
I had my amazing Sip &See- recap post coming!

Little P hit one month old! I didn't do a recap. Mom fail. We celebrated Grandpa Baseball and Grandpa Golf's baseball with some yummy bbq at Lucille's.

We said happy birthday from a distance to Brother Cyclist. 

Lot's of park days, fishing at the lake, Pretend City pretty much getting out of the house every morning! Lots of Little P looking cute and doing her tummy time while big brother works on his alphabet and numbers. 

I was off to a friend's baby shower for her baby boy number two! And, they just bought a house down the street... so I can't wait to spend more time with her adorable toddler and Little C's new best friend and her soon-to-be-squishy-adorable-newborn!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Picture Perfect

Five weeks ago we invited a stranger into our home who quickly became a friend. Suzi from Suzi Bowles Photography came to shoot our newborn photos in our home.
Right from the start I was impressed with Suzi's level of professionalism this continued on to the day of our shoot. She gave me tips to follow the day of the shoot- like setting our heater to 85* an hour before to make it nice and toasty for baby- and she arrived with props galore! 
This was such a different experience from Little C's newborn shoot. The photographer who will not be named arrived with nothing, just asked me if I had a white sheet. 
I didn't know about the heater trick either!
What a difference it was working with with someone who had a lens for every situation and all the gear to make amazing pictures. 
{Of course those photos were still amazing because Little C was in them.}

On to the photo shoot!
behind the scenes:
turned into this:

Wow, right?

However, the quality of Suzi's work cannot be denied. It was above and beyond. Not just that though her demeanor was very relaxing putting Hockey Husband and I in a calm mood on what could have been a stressful morning.
Suzi is the mom of toddler and it showed because she was amazing with Little C!! This was by far the best part. I had no idea the difference it could make working with a photographer who really knows how to interact with children.
Sometimes, they are the hardest part of taking pictures. You know cranky, uncooperative, totally just want to run all over the place toddlers?

All of those cute faces from Little C?
That was all Suzi's doing. 

Her tips, tricks, and gentle nature with newborns meant Little P slept through her whole photo shoot! We started the morning off with some family pictures while Little P had her morning snack and then she slept like a pro. This helped to get Little P in and out of cute little wraps and lots of positions. I asked Suzi if I could take some behind the scene pictures, I hope they really give you an idea of that wow factor that I got. 
 what my little iphone captured: 
Suzi working her magic:
We did this picture to match Little P's nursery! We are going with a bright pink and yellow theme. 

Sibling love 

There were so many more pictures!

If you are around the Orange County area I highly recommend working with Suzi for a professional experience and stunning photos. 


Disclaimer:  Please note that the above mentioned service was bought and purchased by me with my own money. NO monetary compensation was exchanged for this review. I loved my photography experience so I thought I would do a review. All opinions are strictly my own and may differ from yours. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Oh So Sweet!

It's Friday!
It's also time for the Spring Sweets Swap Reveal!
Spring Sweets Swap
Today is the day to link up all those lovely sweets from your new bloggy friend
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I was paired with Amanda from Life According to Amanda
Life According To Amanda

Who doesn't love getting a package in the mail? It really makes for a "sweet" day!
I don't know about you, but my sweet tooth is always happy for new goodies. 
Thank you everyone for participating in the spring Sweets Swap 2013. Take the time to visit a few other blogs and compare goodies!

Go ahead, link up below!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Latest Obsession

Next month I'll be embarking on a short three day trip with two kids in tow. After my last flight around Christmas with Little C I was wishing that I brought a backpack versus the diaper bag that I have done in the past or carry-on I did for that trip. From there I started wishing and wanting for a 


I had heard of it before and seen them without really knowing what it was, but when I really starting researching I fell in love. Oh, and the prints to die for. At first I was looking into a Dakine backpack because I love that brand, but I needed more. More pockets, more suited for kids, more!

I loved the Fuscia Blossoms print it was pink and orange another latest obsession of mine is that color combo. I was drawn to it before knowing I was having a girl- I wanted everything pink and orange! 

So up it went on my Wish List of my already full Pinterest board. 

I thought I would share this today since Ju Ju Be released their new Summer line today!
Go check it out here!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thoughts on Bangs

Last December I decided to take a risk. A hair risk. I got bangs. Now this is huge because bangs are a commitment. We all know what that in between period is like when you no longer want bangs. The growing out phase of "too long to be bangs but too short to go with the rest of your hair totally awkward phase".

Why did I take this risk, well it all started one fun morning. Playing around with Colin in bed and tickling when he made the mistake of thinking scratching was tickling. He "tickled" my forehead and immediately I felt doom. The very next day I had a scratch that represented Harry Potter proportions.

After days of people asking me what happened and having my big scratch on display I decided i needed to cover it up! I also had the Ladies Tea coming up and didn't want that saved in pictures. The result was totally cute bangs I fell in love with! Plus I got a new look for all the pictures!
Me and Aunt Animal Prints
Eventually though, I grew tired of these bangs. They were getting way too long and one dreaded day I cut them myself. I think it was in a total moment of frustration. I know I didn't know what I was thinking because I cut them crooked and too short and I did it on Easter morning! Ah! I had trimmed them before but felt they were still a little too long so I went way short this time. The result: totally awkward pictures of my bangs.
Thankfully Little P made up for the cuteness in the picture. Just look at her pretty reddish hair! 

What's next? So far I am undecided. I really liked the bangs so do I keep them or just let them grow?
What about you? Have bangs or ever had them before? Thoughts?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Already April

Hello blogworld, family, and friends. I've titled this post "Already April" now I realize it's nearly the end of April, but I've yet to give my March recap. Been petty much living under a rock for the past five weeks over here.

I do however have lots to document in those past five weeks. Without delay...

March Madness
The ultimate big news that happened in March was having a baby! So, yeah there was that. Let's start at the beginning though. 

March started with Hockey Husband and I celebrating nine years together, four of which have been wedded bliss! 

Right after that Sister Glamorous and her husband, who I'll call Brother Cyclist, came for a visit! during their visit we went to the LA Zoo, participated in an early Easter egg hunt, visited the beach, went to the pool, got manicures while the guys went to hockey games and golfing.
days before Little P joined us!
Birthday Madness begun and I got to take the fabulous Nurse SC to lunch for some girl time. 
The next day Sister Outdoorsy, Scrabble Mama, and Rancher Dad flew in to visit. 
The guys smoked a pork shoulder for dinner while the girls headed to the nail salon for pedicures!
( I had to complement that manicure)

Then the very best thing this year happened. Little P was born!! 
You know just in case you've never read this blog before- we had a baby girl last month! 
The sex was a complete surprise even though Hockey Husband had a hunch it was girl all along. 

Some guest posters took over the blog for a week. And, apparently I should have booked a month's worth as I got swallowed into toddler, newborn, breastfeeding for the next few weeks. 

I came back to blogging to say Happy One Week to Little P!

Celebrated more birthdays with a dinner for Nurse SC, cousin Soccer, and another for Sister Nicknames. 
Outdoorsy Sister was visiting us during her birthday so we had a special dinner here and had her wake up to balloons! 

A huge thank you to Outdoorsy Sister for her extended stay to help with all the household stuff, playing with Little C, and keeping me fed while I tended to Little P!
March ended with Easter celebrations. 
We ventured to Grandpa Racecar's house for a visit, breakfast on the beach at the lovely beach home of Grandma loves-to-cook and Grandpa Baseball and finished the day off with an Easter dinner hosted by Grandma Owl. 

 Three generations
 Proud grandparents with their two grandchildren!

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