Monday, April 22, 2013

Already April

Hello blogworld, family, and friends. I've titled this post "Already April" now I realize it's nearly the end of April, but I've yet to give my March recap. Been petty much living under a rock for the past five weeks over here.

I do however have lots to document in those past five weeks. Without delay...

March Madness
The ultimate big news that happened in March was having a baby! So, yeah there was that. Let's start at the beginning though. 

March started with Hockey Husband and I celebrating nine years together, four of which have been wedded bliss! 

Right after that Sister Glamorous and her husband, who I'll call Brother Cyclist, came for a visit! during their visit we went to the LA Zoo, participated in an early Easter egg hunt, visited the beach, went to the pool, got manicures while the guys went to hockey games and golfing.
days before Little P joined us!
Birthday Madness begun and I got to take the fabulous Nurse SC to lunch for some girl time. 
The next day Sister Outdoorsy, Scrabble Mama, and Rancher Dad flew in to visit. 
The guys smoked a pork shoulder for dinner while the girls headed to the nail salon for pedicures!
( I had to complement that manicure)

Then the very best thing this year happened. Little P was born!! 
You know just in case you've never read this blog before- we had a baby girl last month! 
The sex was a complete surprise even though Hockey Husband had a hunch it was girl all along. 

Some guest posters took over the blog for a week. And, apparently I should have booked a month's worth as I got swallowed into toddler, newborn, breastfeeding for the next few weeks. 

I came back to blogging to say Happy One Week to Little P!

Celebrated more birthdays with a dinner for Nurse SC, cousin Soccer, and another for Sister Nicknames. 
Outdoorsy Sister was visiting us during her birthday so we had a special dinner here and had her wake up to balloons! 

A huge thank you to Outdoorsy Sister for her extended stay to help with all the household stuff, playing with Little C, and keeping me fed while I tended to Little P!
March ended with Easter celebrations. 
We ventured to Grandpa Racecar's house for a visit, breakfast on the beach at the lovely beach home of Grandma loves-to-cook and Grandpa Baseball and finished the day off with an Easter dinner hosted by Grandma Owl. 

 Three generations
 Proud grandparents with their two grandchildren!

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Jodi said...

Sounds like a fab month if you ask me! Congrats again on your new addition. I hope things are getting a bit more normal for your family of 4.

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