Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arrivederci April

I just gave my March recap about two weeks ago and April comes with a swoop. Time really is flying by. 
In April...
The month started off with Hockey Husband taking a week off to help with the transition to two kids after Outdoorsy Sister/Auntie had to get back to her life!
We celebrated birthdays for Cousin Ballerina who turned five and from a distance said happy birthday to Rancher Dad!

Little C did lots of fun things with Daddy while mommy stayed home to relax with Little P. Disneyland, Marina, Picnic in the Park and so on! Little C hit 33 months meaning the big 3 is only three months away!
I had my amazing Sip &See- recap post coming!

Little P hit one month old! I didn't do a recap. Mom fail. We celebrated Grandpa Baseball and Grandpa Golf's baseball with some yummy bbq at Lucille's.

We said happy birthday from a distance to Brother Cyclist. 

Lot's of park days, fishing at the lake, Pretend City pretty much getting out of the house every morning! Lots of Little P looking cute and doing her tummy time while big brother works on his alphabet and numbers. 

I was off to a friend's baby shower for her baby boy number two! And, they just bought a house down the street... so I can't wait to spend more time with her adorable toddler and Little C's new best friend and her soon-to-be-squishy-adorable-newborn!

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