Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Latest Obsession

Next month I'll be embarking on a short three day trip with two kids in tow. After my last flight around Christmas with Little C I was wishing that I brought a backpack versus the diaper bag that I have done in the past or carry-on I did for that trip. From there I started wishing and wanting for a 


I had heard of it before and seen them without really knowing what it was, but when I really starting researching I fell in love. Oh, and the prints to die for. At first I was looking into a Dakine backpack because I love that brand, but I needed more. More pockets, more suited for kids, more!

I loved the Fuscia Blossoms print it was pink and orange another latest obsession of mine is that color combo. I was drawn to it before knowing I was having a girl- I wanted everything pink and orange! 

So up it went on my Wish List of my already full Pinterest board. 

I thought I would share this today since Ju Ju Be released their new Summer line today!
Go check it out here!

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Shelley said...

Wow, those are pricey!! Cute, but pricey!

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