Monday, April 29, 2013

Picture Perfect

Five weeks ago we invited a stranger into our home who quickly became a friend. Suzi from Suzi Bowles Photography came to shoot our newborn photos in our home.
Right from the start I was impressed with Suzi's level of professionalism this continued on to the day of our shoot. She gave me tips to follow the day of the shoot- like setting our heater to 85* an hour before to make it nice and toasty for baby- and she arrived with props galore! 
This was such a different experience from Little C's newborn shoot. The photographer who will not be named arrived with nothing, just asked me if I had a white sheet. 
I didn't know about the heater trick either!
What a difference it was working with with someone who had a lens for every situation and all the gear to make amazing pictures. 
{Of course those photos were still amazing because Little C was in them.}

On to the photo shoot!
behind the scenes:
turned into this:

Wow, right?

However, the quality of Suzi's work cannot be denied. It was above and beyond. Not just that though her demeanor was very relaxing putting Hockey Husband and I in a calm mood on what could have been a stressful morning.
Suzi is the mom of toddler and it showed because she was amazing with Little C!! This was by far the best part. I had no idea the difference it could make working with a photographer who really knows how to interact with children.
Sometimes, they are the hardest part of taking pictures. You know cranky, uncooperative, totally just want to run all over the place toddlers?

All of those cute faces from Little C?
That was all Suzi's doing. 

Her tips, tricks, and gentle nature with newborns meant Little P slept through her whole photo shoot! We started the morning off with some family pictures while Little P had her morning snack and then she slept like a pro. This helped to get Little P in and out of cute little wraps and lots of positions. I asked Suzi if I could take some behind the scene pictures, I hope they really give you an idea of that wow factor that I got. 
 what my little iphone captured: 
Suzi working her magic:
We did this picture to match Little P's nursery! We are going with a bright pink and yellow theme. 

Sibling love 

There were so many more pictures!

If you are around the Orange County area I highly recommend working with Suzi for a professional experience and stunning photos. 


Disclaimer:  Please note that the above mentioned service was bought and purchased by me with my own money. NO monetary compensation was exchanged for this review. I loved my photography experience so I thought I would do a review. All opinions are strictly my own and may differ from yours. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 


Shelley said...

Wow, I am do impressed!! Our newborn shoot was a disaster. Emily was cranky, popped and peed on me a couple times, wanted to nurse, etc. So stressful!!

Casey said...

I'm so glad you had such a great experience, and I love love the photos! I also love that you included a few behind-the-scenes peaks - awesome to see!

Vanessa Miller said...

OMG that last one is adorable! It's amazing how good they can be!

Love Meghan said...

these photos are just perfect! and i didn't know about the heater either! i always wondered how the babes stay warm when they're naked are getting their pictures taken. :) i wish we'd taken professional newborn shots like this when my daughter was born.. you'll treasure yours forever!

Casey said...

You already know I love these pictures, but I loved them so much I had to include them in Lots of Link Love this week! :)


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