Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thoughts on Bangs

Last December I decided to take a risk. A hair risk. I got bangs. Now this is huge because bangs are a commitment. We all know what that in between period is like when you no longer want bangs. The growing out phase of "too long to be bangs but too short to go with the rest of your hair totally awkward phase".

Why did I take this risk, well it all started one fun morning. Playing around with Colin in bed and tickling when he made the mistake of thinking scratching was tickling. He "tickled" my forehead and immediately I felt doom. The very next day I had a scratch that represented Harry Potter proportions.

After days of people asking me what happened and having my big scratch on display I decided i needed to cover it up! I also had the Ladies Tea coming up and didn't want that saved in pictures. The result was totally cute bangs I fell in love with! Plus I got a new look for all the pictures!
Me and Aunt Animal Prints
Eventually though, I grew tired of these bangs. They were getting way too long and one dreaded day I cut them myself. I think it was in a total moment of frustration. I know I didn't know what I was thinking because I cut them crooked and too short and I did it on Easter morning! Ah! I had trimmed them before but felt they were still a little too long so I went way short this time. The result: totally awkward pictures of my bangs.
Thankfully Little P made up for the cuteness in the picture. Just look at her pretty reddish hair! 

What's next? So far I am undecided. I really liked the bangs so do I keep them or just let them grow?
What about you? Have bangs or ever had them before? Thoughts?

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Casey said...

I can't do bangs because it requires you to keep your hair pretty clean, and I like to keep hair washing to a minimum LOL!

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