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Hello! Welcome to my corner of the internet. Here I blog about some random things, a few recipes, but mostly just the happenings of our life. This is an every day lifestyle blog about family and kids.
That's me! I am currently a stay at home mom to a spirited toddler. I also tutor most evenings-this allows me to stay home and continue doing what I love. I love working with children of all ages and left my job as elementary school teacher to stay home when my son was born. I taught second grade and a Title I intervention math class for students in fourth through six grade. I loved teaching, but I am very grateful for the opportunity I have now. This is where my husband comes in!
Cameron, the love of my life, college sweetheart, and proud father. This man impresses me every day. He works incredibly hard, loves hockey, and is pretty impressive in the kitchen. I am definitely one lucky girl. We graduated from the same college- where we met. Cameron went to work for the family business and continues to grow in that field.
This is Little C! He is rambunctious, crazy, calm, loving, loud, polite all rolled into one. He's a happy two year old who entered our lives on the fourth of July in 2010. I love seeing life through his eyes. He amazes me every day with what he learns. He keeps me and his daddy on our toes. His daddy is his superhero. He wants to be just like daddy. He loves Kings hockey, fishing, and cooking. (All his daddy's faves too)

This is Little P. She entered our lives in March of this year. We're all smitten! She rolls, coos, and smiles with the best of them. She has red hair which we can tell already is an indicator of a great blossoming personality.

Our story begins with how we met and the path that led to this blog. You can read along here:

The beginning.

part two

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